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Mission Statement : We, the members of the Indian Missionary Society, imbued with the Gospel values of Jesus Christ, shall make serious and consistent efforts to make the IMS a Movement for the Church in India by disposing its spiritual, human and material resources totally for the Integral development of humanity especially for the marginalized and the weaker sections of the society in India and in abroad.
About the Founding of the IMS

The Journey of the IMS Pioneers began by a small but a giant prophetic step taken by Rev. Fr. Gasper A. Pinto on 3rd November 1941 in Varanasi, Uttar Pradesh, INDIA. Varanasi, a sacred city of India, attracts millions of pilgrims every year for spiritual realization and enlightenment.

For the Church in India his arrival in the city of religion and spirituality, light and wisdom, was a realization of her missionary dream with a mission of dialogue and integration of the spiritual and cultural heritage of India and the Gospel of Jesus Christ.


The journey that began on 1941 continues at a steady and firm pace with 162 priests and evangelist brothers and 238 students at different stages of formation. The Lord journeyed along, carrying the IMS on His palms, and today it is a growing and dynamic religious Congregation with Pontifical status.

IMS pioneers are successfully working in 27 Arch dioceses and dioceses in India and three dioceses abroad.


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