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The message of Christ should be incarnated. Towards this we propose inculcation of Indian spiritual and cultural values in Christian life, and living of the Gospel-values in an indigenous pattern. In other words to look at the 'Good News' from an Indian point of view.

To facilitate this we have established an Ashram to hold important programmes such as Indian Christian Spiritual Experience (ICSE), Indian Spirituality Course, Yoga Sadhana, Sanyasa and Religious life retreats etc. ICSE is a 9-days course geared to launching an inward journey into self through meditation, reflection and prayer. Reflections on various Indian Biblical themes help the participants go deeper into self, God and mysteries of life.

One of the vibrant centers of IMS in Varanasi is Matridham Ashram. 'Matridham' means 'the abode of Mother'. It is a center for spirituality and contemplation in a very special way it is a center for Indo-Christian spiritual experience. The Ashram is dedicated to the Blessed Virgin Mary. The Ashram is open to all genuine 'Seekers' irrespective of caste and creed. It is a Place of Sadhana (contemplation). The luxurious vegetation around, the birds and animals all moving around in a very homely manner are a great help for the 'Seekers' as nature has ever been a source of inspiration for those who seek the Lord. Matridham Ashram is an open house for all.

The whole community whole-heartedly welcomes all people of 'Goodwill' be they Priests, Bishops, laity, people of any faith, poor, rich or sick. All find place in Ashram. The simple huts carefully placed between the green lush trees together with the numberless birds including dozens of peacocks create a very attractive setting where every visitor feels at home. The three 'Sandhyas' and the liturgy of the day celebrated in an Indian style is found to be quite intelligible and meaningful to the visitors. The strict vegetarianism, simplicity of life and inculturation in all aspects of life make the Ashram and ashramites accessible to the seekers who hardly feel, threatened culturally in the ashram premise. Every member of Ashram-family strives to live an ashram-life and so render services to the seekers at various levels.

The Ashram engages itself chiefly in three activities.
1. Promotion of Indian Christian Spirituality
2. Sharing of faith and Spiritual renewal programmes for laity.
3. Psycho-spiritual animation to seekers
4. Promotes inter-religious dialogue.

The Ashram conduct more than a dozen of such programmes every year. The daily schedule include the three 'Sandhyas' (Oblation to the Triune God, morning, noon and evening) followed by guided meditation leading to contemplation. Discourses and practices of Yogasanas are part of the ashram programme.


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