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Varanasi Province of IMS has constituted a social welfare society named Jan Vikas Samiti (organization for people's development) aiming to empower the marginalized for the integral development of individuals, families and communities.

Vision: To build a just and human society, based on human values of equality, justice and brotherhood.

Mission: To empower the poor and the marginalized through a process of animation leading to integral development and structural change.


Formation and empowerment of people's organization.

Initiate a people's movement through cultural transition by means of evaluation of collective behavior, value system, critical consciousness and institution building.

Create self-sufficiency among the rural masses through stable saving , development of land, increased agricultural production, Eco-friendly environment etc.

Promotion of decentralization in local governing institutions through the process of analytical study, information generation, planning, execution, monitoring and evaluation.

Educating people towards development.

Offer skill training opportunity to support supplementary sources of income.

Activities undertaken:

1. Community-based rehabilitation of the handicapped

2. Empowerment of the marginalized with a special attention to women

3. Rehabilitation of slum dwellers and rag pickers

4. Community health programs with a thrust on preventive and herbal medicine

5. Promotion of primary education of Dalit and Tribal girls

6. Organizing the poor in to self help groups for greater bargaining power

Provides Training On:

People's Organization Managing People in Organization Self Help Group
Micro Enterprise Community Health and Development Strategic Planning
Water Shed Management Monitoring and Evaluation Skill in Communication
Savings and Credit Participatory Rural Appraisal (PRA) Legal Aid for women
Leadership Training Integrated Rural Development Micro Planning

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