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(Association for the Socially Marginalized Integrated Therapeutic Action) established in 1987 to serve the less privileged group of women and children of the unorganized migrant labour class in the urban areas.

generally dialogues with domestic workers, street children, rag pickers, daily laborers, and the slum dwellers of the cities. They have come from rural areas to the cities in search of livelihood needs. They belong to the most vulnerable group of our society, as any of the cities of our country.

envisages empowering the migrant groups by organizing the women, girls in crisis and street children who have lost their identities. ASMITA envisages getting their voices heard and their genuine demands recognized by the concerned authorities.

trains them to work towards meeting their socio-economic, educational and political needs through various methods and trainings. Main target area: To make the empowering process systematic and result based ASMITA has selected ten slums of Varanasi city and has grouped them to twenty centers focusing its activities to women and children.

Activities Undertaken:

1. Non-formal Education
2. Community health programme
3. Saving Schemes (Self Help Groups)
4. Motivational programme through street play by the street children
5. Action against the trafficking of girls and women and their rehabilitation
6. Collaboration with Child Line, Police Department etc.

Future Plans:

1. Crèches for the migrant laborer's babies
2. Crisis Intervention Center for the girls and women, the victims of trafficking.
3. Shelter Home for the Street Children
4. Vocational Training Center for skill development and income generation.


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